USSC Grills Stainless Steel Wood Pellet Grill Review

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USSC Grills Stainless Steel Wood Pellet Grill

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The USSC Grills USG295SS is a stainless-steel portable tabletop wood pellet grill, with a professional, sleek silver and black design that makes it anything but ordinary. It is designed with convenience and functionality in mind, ensuring your grilling experience is flawless, be it a laid-back afternoon barbecue or a festive tailgate party.

One of the key features of this grill is its cooking capacity. Offering a sizable cooking area of 295 square inches, this grill ensures ample space to cook for a family gathering or group event. To add to this, the grill also includes a griddle and a smaller grate attachment which can act as a food warmer or provide extra counter space, making it incredibly versatile to cater to a wide range of food preparations.

The convenience of this grill extends beyond just its cooking capacity. It comes with a meat probe and holder which allows you to keep track of your food’s temperature without having to lift the lid, ensuring a consistent cook every time. Its compact and portable design means you can bring your grilling set-up anywhere you want, be it your backyard or a campsite.

The USG295SS also boasts advanced technology like a digital thermostat with LED controls and a PID control panel, which continuously monitors the internal temperature of the grill, adjusting the cooking temperature to precise settings, considering the outdoor ambient temperature to give your food the perfect cook.

Amid all these features, safety has not been compromised. The grill sports side handles for easy portability, legs with rubber levelers for stability on all surfaces, and a push-to-close lid latch. The grill’s body features a corrosion-resistant stainless-steel lid and a pellet hopper, ensuring durability over an extended period of use. The grill also offers automatic ignition which offers simplicity and ease with just a single push of a button. In essence, the USSC Grills USG295SS is a combination of modern technology, functionality, safety, and convenience. This grill is your perfect companion to any outdoor event.

Who Is It For?

The USSC Grills USG295SS Stainless Steel Portable Tabletop Wood Pellet Grill is perfect for those who love grilling on the go. If you’re a tailgating enthusiast, an avid camper, or even just someone with limited outdoor space who enjoys grilling, this product is designed for you. It offers decent cooking capacity sufficient for a small family or a group of friends, making it ideal for small gatherings and intimate cookouts. It’s also a fantastic fit for those who appreciate precision in their cooking – the built-in digital thermostat with LED controls lets you monitor and adjust temperature with ease. Plus, if you value convenience, this grill is suitable for you. The compact size, portability, and automatic ignition are designed to make your grilling process as hassle-free as possible. Lastly, for those who value durability and safety in their grilling tools, the USG295SS has got you covered. Its corrosion-resistant stainless-steel lid and pellet hopper ensure long-lasting use, while safety features like side handles and rubber levelers provide stability and easy transport.

What’s Included

Upon purchasing the USSC Grills USG295SS, users get a well-packaged box containing all the necessary components to start grilling right out of the box. This includes a sizable 295 square-inch cooking area equipped with a griddle, a meat probe with a holder for monitoring food temperature and a smaller grate attachment to keep food warm. The grill also features a digital thermostat with LED controls for precise cooking.

Another essential component included in the package is the PID control panel which monitors and adjusts the internal temperature of the grill while considering the outdoor ambient temperature to ensure perfectly cooked food every time. The grill also comes with automatic ignition functionality operated at the push of a button, adding to the user’s convenience.

For ensuring safety and portability, the grill includes side handles and legs with rubber levelers for stability on any surface, alongside a push-to-close lid latch. The package features a corrosion resistant stainless-steel lid and pellet hopper for durability.

In sum, the USSC Grills USG295SS offers everything required for a grilling enthusiast in one box, highlighting its usability and portability, while ensuring a perfect grilling process through its use of advanced technology.

Overview of Features

The USSC Grills USG295SS is packed with several innovative features that make grilling more efficient, convenient, and flavorful. For starters, it has a 295 square-inch cooking area coupled with a griddle, allowing you to cook a decent amount of food for your family or friends. This capacity means you can grill various foods simultaneously, be it steaks, sausages, or corn. So, you can effortlessly host a BBQ party or a tailgating event with this versatile grill.

With convenience being a significant factor for most grillers, this grill doesn’t disappoint. It offers compactness and portability, allowing you to transport it with ease due to its side handles. It also comes with a reliable meat probe holder and a smaller grate attachment to keep food warm, further adding to its functionality and convenience.

One predominant feature that stands out is the advanced PID control panel. This technology consistently monitors the internal temperature of the grill, comparing it to the set temperature, and automatically adjusts the auger/combustion fan. This ensures your food cooks perfectly, regardless of the outdoor ambient temperature.

For safety, the grill comes with legs featuring rubber levelers, providing stability on various surfaces. Also, it features a push-to-close lid latch, contributing to its safety parameters.

Durability-wise, the USG295SS shines brightly with a corrosion-resistant stainless-steel lid and pellet hopper. Coupled with the automatic ignition that works seamlessly at the push of a button, the grill promises not only longevity but also a problem-free grilling experience.

So, whether you are a pro griller aiming to get that authentic hardwood flavor or a beginner, USSC Grills USG295SS makes it possible to take your grilling skills anywhere with its feature-rich design. The stainless-steel lid ensures consistent heat, while the included two different grill grates provide the versatility of cooking different recipes effortlessly. Its meat probe helps you track food temperature without opening the lid, hence maintaining a stable cooking environment.


Using the USSC Grill is simple indeed. To start, just fill the hopper with pellets and push the ignition button. Then, set your cooking temperature via the digital thermostat. If you want to monitor your food temperature, use the provided meat probe. To adjust the serving area or aid versatility, you can affix the smaller grate to the grill’s side.


1. It is a good portable pellet grill, allowing for convenience and mobility while grilling.
2. The product boasts excellent build quality, it feels solid and durable right out of the box.
3. Outstanding customer service from USSC, they are responsive and quick to replace damaged parts.
4. It serves as a fantastic starter pellet grill, with assembly being relatively simple and instructions easy to understand.
5. The grill has shown flawless performance when correctly maintained and operated.


1. Shipment packaging could be improved. Though the box was intact, loose parts could cause minor damage. This, however, can be fixed or replaced with help from USSC’s great customer service.
2. There might be some initial struggles with temperature control. However, once the unit is adequately adjusted and handled, the grill can achieve the desired heat levels.
3. There were a few instances of the auger failing to start on
initial startup, requiring a slight jarring of the unit to kickstart pellet flow. However, once started, the grill performs seamlessly.


If you’re considering an alternative to the USSC Grills USG295SS, consider a traditional charcoal grill for that authentic smoky flavor. However, bear in mind you will forego the convenience features of the USG295SS, such as its digital thermostat, portability, and automatic temperature tracking – essentially a trade-off between taste and convenience.


In conclusion, the USSC Grills USG295SS is an exceptional and versatile grill with top-notch technology. With its portable and compact form, it’s suitable for tailgating or family barbecues. Its durability, safety features, and automatic temperature adjustments make it user-friendly. It’s your perfect grilling partner.

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