Let Your Pellet Grill Shine in All Its Glory with the Best Grill Cleaners

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Although you can keep your pellet grill in good condition with a premium grill brush, once in a while, you will also need to use the best grill cleaners to deep clean it. Different types of solutions, soaps and degreasers are available to wipe off what your dependable brush cannot scrape off from the grill.

Of course, a good quality, well-designed grill brush can reduce the residue to a great extent, but it cannot completely remove it. That’s where these cleaners come in.

Make sure to include grill cleaning liquids in your pellet grill accessories to keep your pellet grill in pristine condition and reduce the burden of cleaning up after a BBQ party.

Here are some of the best grill cleaners available on the market:

Comparison Chart

GRILLART Grill Brush and Scraper with Deluxe Handle – Safe Stainless Steel Wire Grill Brush for Gas Infrared Charcoal Porcelain Grills – Best Gift BBQ Cleaning Brush for Grill Wizard Grate Cleaner
41W G15J4ZL
Bryson Industries Grill Cleaning Kit – BBQ Grid and Grill Grate Cleanser, Exterior Cleaner, and Scrubber by Citrusafe (16 oz Each)
Goo Gone Grill and Grate Cleaner – 24 Ounce – Cleans Cooking Grates and Racks
Easy-Off Professional Oven & Grill Cleaner, 24 oz Can
Easy-Off Professional Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish, 17 oz Can, For Grills Ovens & Appliances
Therapy Premium Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish – Includes Large Microfiber Cloth, 16 fl oz
Mr. Muscle Oven and Grill Cleaner 19 Ounce 1 Can

Weber Grill Cleaning Kit


This kit is an all-in-one package for all your pellet grill cleaning needs. What is included in the kit is a stainless steel polish and a grill grate cleaner.

In addition, there are also scrubber pads, an exterior grill cleaner and stain remover. The stain remover is a very useful liquid solution for getting rid of stubborn stains.

The grate cleaner formulation is designed to wash away grease from your grills, following a long cooking session. The exterior polish is meant to impart a brilliant lustre to stainless steel pellet grills.

A cleaner spray also comes in the kit. This liquid is environmentally-friendly and safe to use. You don’t have to don gloves and a mask to protect yourself while using this spray.

The spray is simple to use. All you have to do is apply the spray evenly over the grilling grates. But first, you must ensure that the grill grates have cooled down. Allow the spray to remain on the grill surface for at least a minute or so.

During this time, it will work its magic on all the grease and residue. After a minute or so have elapsed, use the scrubber provided in the kit to clear off the grease and residue. After that, you can cleanse the surface by wiping it with a damp paper towel or clean cloth.

But, when you are using the stainless steel polish, you must remember to wear gloves for protection. The same goes for the stain remover. Weber recommends the use of gloves when applying these chemicals to the grill.

Weber kit is highly recommended as the liquids and sprays do their job very well. This all-in-one package has all the liquids that you need to keep your grill in prime condition. The cleaner spray is environmentally-friendly and safe to use. But you must be careful with the stubborn stain remover. If you are not careful, then the harsh chemical can cause scratches on the surface of the grill.

In a nutshell, if you want a comprehensive solution for your pellet grill, then you do not need to look further than the Weber Grill Cleaning Kit. It has all that you need to get the job done – in fact, it can get all sorts of jobs done, including polishing and stain removal.

Weber is one of the most well-known grilling brands that has distinguished itself with its premium quality products. These cleaning liquids are also effective and efficient, just like other Weber products.

Bryson Industries Grill Cleaning Kit

41W G15J4ZL

Appliance manufacturers often sell expensive products. Perhaps, you are trying to save some money. The next set of cleaning liquids and tools is optimal if you do not want to reduce quality at the expense of cost saving.

This grill cleaning package by CitruSafe is a fine alternative to the Weber Grill Cleaning Kit mentioned above. Two liquid sprays are included in this grill cleaning set; one bottle is an exterior cleaner, while the other is a grill cleaner. Both bottles have a capacity of 16 fluid ounces. Two scrubber pads are also present so that you can do a thorough cleaning job. These heavy-duty cleaning tools have handles to give you a firm grip.

One very crucial aspect of these liquids is that they have d-limonene as one of their ingredients. This natural solvent is citrus-based. Consequently, the products are less toxic.

CitruSafe eschews the use of toxic chemicals like phosphate, which is hazardous to human health when inhaled or ingested in large quantities.

Since the sprays comprise non-flammable substances, there is no risk of them catching fire. The sprays are gentle so they won’t harm the surface of your grill. Since the ingredients are biodegradable, they are safe for the environment.

These sprays will leave your grill with the invigorating aroma of citrus fruits since they have citrus-based solvents. According to the manufacturer, these sprays are safe for all kinds of grilling surfaces, including kitchen appliances like microwaves and gas ovens.

You can use this spray liberally after the grilling grates have cooled down. There is no need to don any mask or gloves to protect yourself against harsh chemicals.

You just have to apply the spray onto the greasy surface and let it stay there for a few minutes. During this time, stubborn grease and residue will disintegrate under the action of citrus-based solvents. Once a few minutes have elapsed, you can wipe off the grease and residue using the scrubbers provided.

Keep in mind that you cannot rely on these sprays for heavy-duty cleaning tasks. If your grill is covered under thick layers of grime and grease, then do not expect these sprays to work for you. You will need stronger chemicals for cleaning your grill.

You are also out of luck with these sprays if you are seeking the removal of tough stains.

These sprays are, nonetheless, good for general grill cleaning purposes, besides the toughest jobs. The major benefit of these sprays is that they are not as toxic as other harsh synthetic solvents. Neither you nor your grill will suffer any harm.

Goo Gone Grill and Grate Cleaner

The grates and interior are the most challenging grill areas to clean. Luckily, you can make the task easier and less laborious with the most efficient cleaning products. You need a product that can clean the grill effectively without harming the grill surface and your health for that matter.

If you are seeking these attributes in a pellet grill cleaning liquid, then you should consider the Goo Gone Grill and Grate Cleaner. You will find 24 fluid ounces of pellet grilling formula within the bottle.

Thankfully, the product is phosphate-free, which, as discussed earlier, is a serious health hazard. The liquid works well for cleaning the grill’s interior and grates.

After waiting for the grill to cool down, you can spray the formula on your pellet grill wherever required. Let it stay there for a few minutes before you scrub it away. Prior to using the pellet grill again, you should ensure that you have cleaned and rinsed the cooking grates and area well.

The ingredients comprise a host of biodegradable substances. Hence, this formula is safe for the environment and less toxic for your health. It is capable of removing grease or at least minimizing it if there is a heavy crust on your pellet grill.

Grease is one of the prime factors behind nasty flare ups. So you can regularly use this liquid concoction to keep your grill surface free from grease in order to mitigate the risk of flare ups.

When you start applying this liquid, you will notice that it has a gel-like consistency. Not only does it attack grease and residue, it also reduces the development of corrosion.

According to the manufacturer, this cleaning material is safe for all sorts of surfaces. However, it is best to avoid using this grill cleaning substance for faux stainless steel, cast iron and aluminum.

You are free to use it on all kinds of other surfaces without apprehension. This cleaning material is suitable for kitchen appliances, drip pan, grilling grates and both the interior as well as the exterior of pellet grills.

This formula does not have an added scent or any chemical odor. However, usage instructions require the use of protective clothing while applying this formula.

There are a few downsides that you must consider to make an informed purchase. Since it is a gel-like substance, it can take some time to do its job – don’t expect instant miracles. It also requires protective clothing as described as it can irritate the skin.

Overall, it performs according to expectations and gives shining results. Despite being a skin irritant, it is still not as caustic as other harsh cleaning chemicals. It is odor-free and gentle on the grill surface. It is also environmentally friendly.

Professional Easy-Off Heavy Duty Oven & Grill Cleaner

When the grease starts piling up, despite your best efforts to keep it at bay, then it is high time that you resort to stronger measures. You need a cleaner that can cut through the most stubborn grease with little effort.

The Easy-Off spray is up to the task. It is specifically advertised as a heavy-duty cleaning spray. It is definitely far stronger than the aforementioned grill cleaning liquids and sprays.

The aerosol spray contains 24 fluid ounces of this anti-grease formula. It is an effective grease- cutting solution for the most demanding jobs.

This spray is suitable for use in ovens and pellet grills. However, you should be careful when applying it to the grates. Make sure that you rinse the area with water to wash away the harsh chemical.

The formula is not environmentally-friendly like the products mentioned above. However, it is very effective at what it does and you can use it to alleviate the burden of grease removal.

This may appear to be an innocuous everyday product. However, the fumes are hazardous for your health. You will be well advised to wear a mask while using this product. Make sure that the area you are using this spray is well-ventilated. You should also wear gloves while cleaning off this chemical formula so that your skin does not absorb it.

Once you apply this spray, let it remain for 5 minutes. After you have wiped off the chemical and rinsed well with water, make sure that you keep the pellet grill outside so that the chemical dissipates.

Although it is a highly versatile cleaning agent, it is still not suitable for stove tops and chrome finishing. For everything else, it will make grease removal a cinch.

Professional Easy-Off Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish


Stainless steel surfaces are perfect for a scintillating and lustrous pellet grilling surface. They have excellent corrosion resistance.

However, due to their lucid shiny surface, they are also far less forgiving than porcelain-coated grills as even the tiniest specks are easily visible.

Therefore, it is imperative to have an effective polishing agent at hand to instantly remove blemishes so that you can regain that immaculate surface. The Easy-Off stainless steel cleaner and polish is just what you need.

If you find that your stainless steel grilling surface is often smeared with unsightly watermarks and fingerprints, then you are in luck. This cleaner and polish is capable of keeping stainless steel surfaces clean without undue effort.

Besides stainless steel surfaces, this spray is also suitable for brushed chrome. When using it, make sure that you do not spray it on the cooking area or other places that come in contact with your food.

You do not have to fret over fumes or odors because this product does not have any. However, you must still wear gloves to prevent your hands from absorbing this substance.

Another wonderful bonus that will thrill pellet grilling aficionados is that this spray is equally effective at restoring dull surfaces of kitchen appliances and bathroom equipment. You can use it on stainless steel or chrome surfaces to bring back the glistening exterior that will make your old stuff look as good as new.

Just make sure that you have cleaned off the grease from the surface before applying this polish.

Therapy Stainless Steel Cleaner + Polish


Stainless steel polishes and cleaner are often loaded with large amounts of toxic and hazardous chemicals. However, there are also certain options that are more environmentally-friendly and less damaging to your health.

The Therapy Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish is one such premium product that can get the job done without an overload of ominous-sounding chemicals.

To begin with, the formula is based on plant sources. Lavender essential oil and coconut oil are included in the formulation. Coconut oil serves to polish the surface, whereas, the lavender oil creates a refreshing scent.

Although the formula has natural ingredients, it still has certain toxic chemicals. Acrylates copolymer and methylisothiazolinone are known to be harmful to health when ingested.

If you disapprove of fingerprint marks on your gleaming pellet grill, then you will like this formula as it can effectively banish these marks from the surface of your high end grill.

This product is good enough for stainless steel surfaces not just on your pellet grill, but also on other appliances like the refrigerator.

You just need to shake the bottle thoroughly to get started with this polish and cleaner. A microfiber cloth is also included with this product so that you can wipe off the cleaner easily when the task is accomplished. There is no need for you to protect yourself with masks or gloves.

Natural products often compromise on quality and performance. However, this product performs better than expectations.

Mr. Muscle Oven and Grill Cleaner

Mr. Muscle Oven and Grill Cleaner is a cleaning agent that can greatly reduce your cleaning exertion. There is no need for you to muscle it out when you have got Mr. Muscle on your side. Let Mr. Muscle lend you a mighty hand when you need it most. This heavy-duty grill is quite popular with pellet grill owners as it makes exhausting cleanup tasks much easier and gentler. It can effectively banish soot, smoke and grease from the surface of your pellet grill.

This is your one-stop solution to remedy all your pellet grill cleaning woes.

Just be informed that it is not suitable for stainless steel, aluminium or brushed chrome surfaces. You should also wear gloves and a mask to keep yourself safe.

Use the aforementioned best grill cleaners to have your trusty pellet grill look as good as new.

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