Is WiFi Worth it on Pellet Grill?

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WiFi pellet grills have grown in popularity over the last couple of years. Some people love them; some don’t. Are you unsure whether a WiFi pellet grill is a good choice for you and if it is worth it to purchase one? Here we will explain the features and just what this technology can do. This will help you decide whether it is worth the purchase. Without further ado, let’s get right to it.

Is WiFi Actually Helpful With Pellet Grills?

WiFi makes the process easier, as it allows users to be away from the cooking while still maintaining complete control over the process. The WiFi grill lets you know when you need to check the food and can notify you when the cooking is complete.

You can set the temperature and sensor alarms remotely. WiFi on your grill will also help you get used to specific temperatures. It allows you to gain confidence in cooking meat at the perfect temperature, even if you have to leave your home to run errands or are slow cooking food while you are at work.

Are Pellet Grills With WiFi Worth the Money?

This is more for the individual to determine. It is based on cooking preferences and time management, and whether you like simple cooking or being more hands-on while grilling. You can successfully cook and smoke food on a normal grill without WiFi. There is no doubt about that.

What if it makes life easier? Are they actually worth what you pay for them?

WiFi pellet grills are worth the buy if you want help monitoring the temperature and adjusting things remotely. First, check the app if you’re unsure if wood pellets are low when cooking. Then, just open it from your phone and save yourself a trip. WiFi is not necessary to cook on the grill but can make cooking much simpler.

A pellet grill, however, does not require WiFi to smoke or cook food successfully. It’s important to have this convenience if you want a simpler cooking process.

Benefits of Using a WiFi Pellet Grill

You can receive alerts and set timers. These wonderful smokers have a digital timer that will shut off automatically at a specific time. This is well suited when it’s too cold to stand and monitor the food. You won’t overcook food again with the timer to alert you when it’s finished.

Controlling the Temperature

Another good point about these is the fact that you can remotely regulate the internal temperature of the cooking. This can be done in two ways. One way is via the meat probe and the other is by controlling the auger. The best part is you can do this wherever you are. All you need is a web connection.

Recipe Cooking Cycles

More and more recipes are combining basic cooking with grilling techniques. In addition, users can look for preprogrammed cooking cycles. These are created specifically for seafood, vegetables, and different types of meat. The results are then matched with the temperature and cooking time you prefer. This has made creating a dish that little bit easier.

Precision Cooking

Take the guesswork out of grilling. WiFi grilling will transfer the temperature reading to your smartphone. If the temperature is getting too high for what you are cooking, you will know about it. With real-time feedback about the cooking, you can make changes when needed. This helps detect when the meat is undercooked or becoming overcooked.

Smoky new york steak on egg type grill

Tips for Using a WiFi Pellet Grill

You will need to download an app for the program that you are using. This is needed if you want to monitor time and temperature. The instructions will explain which one to download.

Some WiFi grills tend to have a smaller hopper. These need to be topped off often.

When you are using wood pellets, you can change up the flavor. For example, you can add mild smoke, which isn’t overpowering. On the other hand, adding oak will give you a robust smoky taste.

Be careful as some models don’t have good signal strength. This will determine how far away you can be from the grill. Being too far away can cause incorrect temperature readings and no updates coming through.


Food can be cooked and smoked on regular pellet grills as long as the grill is periodically checked to ensure proper operation. You can do all of that with a WiFi pellet grill, but from anywhere with an internet connection. These grill types send notifications when cooking time is up or when food reaches a certain temperature.

A WiFi grill is definitely worth it if you like the convenience of doing what you want while cooking. Set and forget and let the grill do the work for you. Enjoy the new cooking experience.

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