Green Mountain Grill Review

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Grilling your meat is an art that not only requires you to have the skill but also the right equipment. Moreover, if you’re a lover of camping and tailgating, you need to have a high-quality grill that will serve you for years. This is what Pellethead thought about when making the Green Mountain Grill.

Pellethead is a company known in the US for making high-quality pellet stoves. Their products are budget-friendly while being energy efficient and eco-friendly. Pellethead’s prime-rated products include grills, inserts, pellets, and stoves. This review looks at one of their unique products: the Green Mountain Grill.

Green Mountain Grill

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This grill has a lot to offer. From its fantastic design to its sturdy build, the grill will provide you with all the essentials you have been looking for in making BBQ. In addition, the company has used the latest technology when making it to ensure you fully enjoy grilling meat. Its digital Wi-Fi controller lets you monitor the grill’s temperature, letting you cook from afar. Keep reading to find out more about this product.

Who Is This Product For?

If you’re a camping lover, this equipment is idealright for you. You can easily transportcarry it in your car and use it for cooking your food when camping.

Moreover, if you love BBQ and tailgating, you will love having this grill in your backyard. Its size makes hosting your friends and family convenient, as everyone will get their fair share of the BBQ.

People who have a houseboat as a house will also appreciatelove having this grill in their houseboat. You don’t need to have a cooker, as this grill will cook your food while still maintaining the moisture of your food.

Hunters can also benefit from this product as it’s easily portable and does not require much cooking oil.

What’s Included?

The grill weighs 65 pounds with a dimension of ‎16″D x 32″W x 24″H. It has the upgraded GMG Trek Prime, which makes it easy to carry, and an inbuilt Wi-Fi controller for monitoring and controlling the grill’s temperature.

The product comes with a peaked lid for the rib racks and a convenience tray. Thise tray has hooks that let you hang your grilling utensils you will use during the grilling and make it easy to carry more utensils when traveling.

The grill also has a Sense-Mate feature with a thermal sensor that monitors the grill temperature. A meat probe lets you check whether heat is spread evenly in the internal parts of the meat to avoid overcooking or undercooking it.

Overview of Features

One of the first things you will notice about this product is its stainless-steel finish. The good thing with this type of finish is that it retains heat well, ensuring that your meat will cook evenly. In addition, it is easy to clean and take care of this machine thanks to the stainless-steel finish. TMoreover, if you want a grill that will serve you for long, this stainless-steel product is durable and withstands years of roasting and grilling food.

Grilling has never been the same thanks to the invention of Wi-Fi grilling. This is what you get with this machine. You can install a mobile application that lets you connect with the grill. The Wi-Fi digital controller means you don’t have to stand and wait for your food to cook. Instead, through the Wi-Fi connection, you can monitor the heat your barbecue is cooking at and adjust the temperature as desired.

Another fantastic feature of this product is that it can be powered by 120AC or 12V. Its power capacity makes it convenient for tailgating, houseboats, hunting, and whenever you want to host an event. Moreover, its size makes it easily portable. If you were wondering what to do with the space in the backyard, you have to worry no more as you can have a backyard camp with this grill.

This grill has been upgraded from its original Davy Crockett to theits GMG Trek Prime, giving it stauncher legs. The stauncher legs mean you don’t have to worry about the grill being shaky when cooking. Likewise, you can turn over your BBQ without worrying about your food falling or the grill crumbling.

This grill also comes with a convenient tray that has utensils hooks. You can use the utensils hooks to hang cutlery and other cookware when you’re on the go. On top of that, the meat probe helps you know whether your meat is properlywell cooked, especially in the internal parts.

On the downside, some users complain there is a lot of smoke leak venting from the lids when the fan is on. This can be a nuisance, especially when standing next to the grill.

Fortunately, you can rely on the tech support of this company after purchasing this product. Whether you have a problem with the digital Wi-Fi controller or the grill, you can contact customer care, who will answer and help you fix your issue as soon as possible.

How to Use It

Assembling this grill is easy. After taking it out of the box, you will find the accessories in a separate box from the grill one. The fire baffle is located at the bottom part of the grill. The rod included in the accessories box is used to adjust the position of the fire baffle.

First, ensure the opening in the fire baffle sits nicely in the grill on the auger cavity. Next, fix the fire baffle using the rod on the side as desired.

The second bottom part is the grease tray. Place the grease tray at an angle that lets the grease drip in the grease strip cup. Ensure the grease tray’s lip fits well with the lip inside the grill. The top part is the grates. Put the grates in place facing up and close the grill’s lid. Use a T-bar to fix the washers for the handle.

The T-bar will also be handy for putting the chimney stack in place using the 10mm bolts. After doing so, your grill is good to go.


  • Digital Wi-Fi controller
  • Upgraded GM Trek Prime
  • Stainless steel finish
  • It can be powered by 120AC or 12V
  • Great after-purchase customer service


  • It produces a lot of smoke sometimes


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The Char-Broil 463655621 Grill is a great alternative. It is cheaper than the Green Mountain Trek Grill and has a larger cooking space. This grill has a durable, sturdy body and is easy to clean. It is also made of TRU-Infrared cooking technology, ensuring your food cooks evenly and retains most of its moisture for juicier food. The grill has side shelves for extra prep space and electronic ignition for fast, reliable lighting. It also comes with a temperature gauge for monitoring the grill temperature.


The Green Mountain Grill is an excellent addition to your backyard, tailgating, camping, and hunting activities. This product will suit your needs if you’re looking for a low-cost grill that performs like the high-end ones. Moreover, you don’t need to stand there to check on your food every time.

Thanks to the Wi-Fi grilling system, you can monitor how your food is cooking from afar. So, do not let the turkey season pass without you grilling some turkey on this machine. You will be surprised at how well it does its work.

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