Best Smoke Hollow Pellet Grills

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Barbecue chefs will unanimously agree that the smoke flavor of wood pellet grills is simply unrivalled. But there used to be a time when low temperature smoking and cooking was all that you could with a pellet grill. This is now history because pellet grills are now versatile culinary platforms for baking, roasting, smoking, braising, frying and even searing.

If you are interested in such a grill, then you should consider the best smoke hollow pellet grills. Read on to find out more about these high-tech models.

Smoke Hollow 2415PG Pellet Grill

The Smoke Hollow 2415PG Pellet Grill has plenty of impressive features. It has several functions that will make grilling easy for novices. Even grilling experts will appreciate the time saving and reduced effort that they can enjoy with this grill.

Indirect Cooking

Great results with indirect cooking are one of the most significant benefits that you will see from this grill. The grill is designed so that you can get authentic flavor by cooking meals at low temperatures over an extended time period. The smoke circulates the entire cooking region thanks to fan-driven forced convection. This mechanism infuses a special smoke flavor and irresistible aroma into your meals. Once you taste the delicious outcome of indirect cooking using the Smoke Hollow 2415PG Pellet Grill, then you will agree that such great results cannot be attained by other types of grills such as gas grills.

Heavy Duty Construction

The Smoke Hollow 2415PG Pellet Grill has a very impressive appearance. The build is sturdy and robust thanks to the construction details. One look at the grill is enough to tell that this solid looking contraption was built for durability. The heavy duty steel barrel rests on top of the thick steel frame. The components feel rigid and strong thanks to the thick gauge steel that is used to build the smoker. As long as you handle it carefully, you will find that it won’t develop dents and scratches on its surface as easily as cheap grills made from thin metal sheet.

Another interesting aspect of this pellet smoker is the high quality powder coating applied to the steel parts. This coating imparts not just a glossy exterior but also corrosion resistance to the machine so that it can withstand rust even at high temperatures associated with grilling.

Digital Thermostat

The digital LED thermostat is the key to user friendliness and high level temperature control. The thermostat works in conjunction with the temperature probes so that the user can easily monitor the temperature of the grill. The interface is intuitive and self explanatory. Even complete beginners will have no trouble cooking when using this grill for the first time. You can manage your cooking session with convenience with the user-friendly controls.   

Auger Mechanism

The pellet feed mechanism of the Smoke Hollow 2415PG Pellet Grill is reliable. The right side of the grill has a box-like compartment to it that contains hardwood pellets. Measured amounts of the hardwood pellets are fed into the firebox by means of the auger system.

Depending upon the grill conditions and temperature in particular, the auger feed system automatically alters the amount of wood pellets going into the firebox. The auger mechanism helps to regulate temperature level and is instrumental for maintaining thermal stability.

Cooking Space

At 480 square inches, the cooking area is rather modest compared to many other grills. However, this is designed to be a compact model for those whose cooking needs are not exceptionally large. You will find that there is enough space for including whole chickens, turkeys, large cuts of meat, steaks, ribs, seafood, fish, briskets and all sorts of barbecue items.

In one cooking session, you can grill all the barbecue that you can need for a small or medium-sized family. There will be few complaints about the delicious smoke flavored barbecue that comes out of this grill.


The Smoke Hollow 2415PG Pellet Grill weighs 120 pounds due to its compact dimensions. At this weight, it is much lighter compared to other extra large models available on the market. However, lugging around a 120 pound machine is no easy task. To ease the burden of moving the grill around, the pellet grill has been equipped with wheels and casters. Thanks to these wheels and casters, the grill displays a fair amount of mobility and portability – for relatively short distances. This will lessen the effort involved in moving the grill around your backyard.

Many grills have just 2 wheels or even none at all due to which moving the grill around is difficult.

Side and Bottom Shelves

For many grill chefs, having plenty of extra space for storing sauces, finished meal and utensils is imperative. Hardly anyone will mind a little extra space on their grill for keeping important items at hand. So it is a good thing that the pellet grill has been designed with extra shelves for added convenience. There is a solid bottom shelf, side shelf and condiment shelf as well. The side shelf is equipped with tool hooks so that you can conveniently hang important utensils for barbecuing. There is more than enough shelf space on a pellet grill of this size. You won’t find that you have run out of room when it comes to storing seasonings, sauces, tongs, spatulas, skewers and plates.


The cleaning up aspect matters since this is the part that barbecue chefs like the least. Any design feature to ease the monotony and burden of cleanup is therefore deeply appreciated.

The Smoke Hollow 2415PG Pellet Grill has a grease drainage system to channel the grease into the bucket. There will be less to clean up and the process will be quicker and easier.

Other Benefits

This grill is an excellent choice for indirect cooking. Culinary experts and barbecue fans alike agree that nothing can beat the wood pellet smoke flavor of food cooked in pellet smokers. It therefore makes sense for grilling enthusiasts and experts to use a dependable and consistent wood pellet grill for their purposes. The Smoke Hollow 2415PG Pellet Grill is a great grilling machine for summer barbecue parties with your family.

It takes the work out of grilling. You won’t have to slave away at the grill. The grill does the work for you so that you can relax more and enjoy more quality time with friends and family. You won’t be tied down to the grill nor will you have to tend the flames because the grill’s automatic control system does it for you.

Pros and Cons of the Smoke Hollow 2415PG Pellet Grill


  • Excellent build quality
  • Great results for indirect cooking
  • Auger feed mechanism is accurate
  • Digital LED thermostat
  • Easy to clean


  • Expensive
  • Compact size not suitable for those with large cooking needs

Smoke Hollow VT280B1 Propane Gas Grill


Although the Smoke Hollow Vector Tabletop Grill is not strictly a pellet grill, it nevertheless has good smoking capabilities thanks to clever design. This allows it to double as a gas grill as well as a pellet smoker. This unit will be of great interest to pellet smoke barbecue fans because it is highly portable – a feature that is not present in most pellet grills and smokers.

Compact and Portable

While there are pellet grills and smokers that are marketed as portable devices they are quite cumbersome and require at least two people to haul them. The Smoke Hollow Vector Tabletop Grill is so compact on the other hand that it can rest on top of a table. You can’t say the same for many portable pellet grills. Also, the innovative design is the next big thing for indirect heating. Don’t be surprised if you see competitor grills soon on the market that emulate this model.

Innovative Design

The hybrid design does away with many drawbacks of pellet grills. One of the biggest pitfalls of pellet grills is the time they take to reach the required temperature. They can take about 10 to 20 minutes to heat up to the set temperature. The Smoke Hollow Vector Tabletop Grill is a neat solution to this end since it employs gas burners which reach high temperatures in little time.

Great Smoke Flavored Food

Another major advantage of the Smoke Hollow Vector Tabletop Grill is that it remedies the key disadvantage of all gas grills – the inability to smoke food at low temperatures. Gas grills are routinely derided by top grilling chefs and experts since they cannot produce the superior smoke flavor of hardwood pellet grills. Hardly any professional barbecue pro uses gas grills to try and win competitions.  

This is about to change because thanks to the Smoke Hollow Vector Tabletop Grill, gas grills will soon be capable of burning hardwood pellet to permeate your food with smoke flavor. This is positively one of the most exciting developments that have taken place over a long time in gas grill design. With the rising popularity of pellet grills owing to their superior taste, it seemed at one point that gas grills may soon be marginalized.  

But the gas grill is here to stay. The only difference is that it will exist in hybrid form as a gas grill plus pellet smoker in the future.


This grill produces smoke by means of a burner which heats up the wood chip tray. This simple feature allows the gas grill to function as a smoker. The gas smoker has a total of 3 burners – two are meant for grilling while one is meant for wood chip heating as described. It also has 2 foldable side tables made from metal to store your utensils and sauces.

The unit has a built-in propane hose connection to link it with a 20 gal propane tank.

The 3 burners have a combined output of 16,500 BTUs. The two grilling burners generate 6,500 BTUs each while the remaining wood chip burner produces 3,500 BTUs. As a result of the high heat produced by burners, the grill can go up 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The upper threshold is much higher than the average temperature limit of 500 degrees that most smokers are capable of reaching. The V shape design is purpose built for efficient convection heating.

Smoke Hollow states that the V shaped designs works to facilitate indirect heating for efficient fuel consumption.

You won’t face any trouble operating any one of the 3 burners. All burners start working easily. You can conveniently connect the propane tank with the hose using the plastic tightening handle that does not require a wrench.      

Since the burners are protected with covers they are also largely impervious to the elements. Owing to these covers, the burners will not be easily affected by wind. You can use it outdoors without any hassle on a windy day.

Wood Chip Burner

The wood chip burner generates plenty of smoke. However, there is some amount of smoke that escapes via the ventilation located on the back of the unit. You can extend the smoke tray outwards to reduce the outflow of smoke. You will get delightful results simply by using the smoker burner exclusively to smoke your food at low temperatures over an extended time period. You can also produce delicious smoke flavor by using the smoker burner first followed by the two gas burners if you would like your meal well done.


Since this grill has high quality construction, it weighs 38 pounds which is a bit heavy for one person to carry. You cannot hold the unit by its lid since it will dangle at an awkward angle that is too difficult to haul. But once you put in the right position, the user experience and results prove that this grill is well worth the effort to purchase and install.

Another con of the grill is that it is capable of only accommodating large propane tanks. If you want to use small propane canisters with this unit then you are out of luck.

Cooking Area

The cooking area amounts to 367 square inches. It is one of the largest cooking areas that you will find in portable pellet grills. This grill also has much greater heat output compared to other portable pellet grill models. In terms of both cooking area and heat output, the Smoke Hollow Vector Tabletop Grill is far ahead of the competition. Not only will you be able to cook more with this grill, you will also enjoy convenience thanks to the side shelves.

The metallic side shelves are generously large at 8 inches. What’s more, these metal side shelves also support 3.5 inch plastic extensions so that you can have access to even greater storage area.

The cooking area comprises of porcelain coated grilling wires. These are the thinnest that you will find on pellet smokers. As a result, they are very easy and quick to clean up. There is also a fair amount of space between the wires so that drippings can fall through. Thankfully, the burners are protected from incoming grease by covers. You can also cook more food with the chrome plated warming grate.

The unit is a fine grilling solution to outdoor excursions. Whether you are hunting or camping, you will find that this grill is very handy for cooking wild game or any other item that you may want to grill in the great outdoors. It is even suitable for a backyard expedition. Using the smoker function in your apartment patio may not be such good idea because this device can generate plenty of smoke which can attract attention of neighbors and landlords.

While you might think that the price is on the high side, the unit is a great bargain on account of its build quality, large cooking area and high heat generation capability. You won’t find other portable pellet grills that can match the design, cooking area size and heat generation rate of this pellet grilling model.

Although portability is hampered by heavy duty construction, the build quality will allow the grill to last for a long time.  

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Pros and Cons of the Smoke Hollow


  • 2-in-1 smoker grill
  • Portable and compact
  • Excellent heavy duty construction
  • Uniform heating
  • Vast temperature range


  • Needs a propane tank to work
  • Price is on the high side compared to other portable pellet grills

Final Thoughts

Smoke Hollow has distinguished itself with its fine range of grills and pellet smokers in particular. The best Smoke Hollow pellet grills shown above serve different purposes. The Smoke Hollow 2415PG Pellet Grill is suitable for those looking for a durable mid-sized grill while the Smoke Hollow Vector Tabletop Pellet Grill is better for those who want a portable unit with relatively high heat output and surface area.

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