5 Best Pit Boss Pellet Grills

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Pit Boss is renowned for its extensive lineup of barbecue appliances. This includes a wide range of grills, such as pellet, gas, ceramic and more.

Whether you are a grilling beginner or a long-time enthusiast, you will definitely want to know more about the five best Pit Boss pellet grills. You are in luck! This review has everything that you need to know.

From the Pit Boss 700FB to Austin XL 1000, all these grills come with rich features that the most demanding chefs ask for. This is evidenced by enthusiastic customer reviews and overwhelmingly positive customer feedback. These grills are much more than just functional. They are exceptional and top-of-the-class appliances.

Here are the top 5 Pit Boss pellet grills.

Comparison Chart

PIT BOSS 700FB Pellet Grill
PIT BOSS PB820FB Pellet Grill and Smoker
PIT BOSS PB72700S Grill and Smoker
Pit Boss 5-Series Vertical Pellet Smoker
Pit Boss Austin XL Pellet Grill

5 Best Pit Boss Pellet Grills

Pit Boss 700FB


The Pit Boss 700FB is a versatile and highly functional grilling platform. It works exclusively on wood pellets to provide you with a vast temperature range from 150 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can regulate the temperature easily with the digital control panel. You can use this panel to set the temperature at the right heat level and let the grill do the rest. Just sit back and enjoy an automated and hassle-free grilling experience. With the high level of temperature control, you can maintain the grill within a few degrees of your set temperature point.

With the Pit Boss 700FB you can grill perfectly smoked barbecue, burgers, steak and even bake pizza. This grill provides consistently good results and imparts an authentic smoky barbecue flavor to food.

The Pit Boss 700FB is loaded with several smart features to give you a stress-free and enjoyable cooking experience. For instance, the rack is capable of being converted into a slide plate, which is perfect for direct fire grilling. The cooking area itself comprises cast-iron grills covered with porcelain for corrosion resistance. The air circulation system is efficient and it facilitates uniform temperature throughout the cooking area, including the top rack. Thanks to the multitude of features like these, this pellet grill is a wonderful choice for both experienced and amateur chefs.

The extensive cooking area of 700 square inches is one of its strongest points. This cooking space is enough for you to serve up to 6 people in one grilling session. Hence, it is an excellent choice for a small to medium-sized family having a small gathering, picnic or barbecue party at their place.  

The grill weighs a hefty 184 pounds, which is what you would expect from a grill that features high quality design and construction. Since most parts are pre-assembled, there is less work for you when it comes to setting up the grill. The well-constructed parts fit well. They feel strong and rigid due to the thick gauge metal.

The Pit Boss 700FB has an automated system, which feeds the right amount of pellets at the right time into the firebox. This reliable feed mechanism, coupled with the well-engineered ventilation system, allows even new users to maintain temperature control with high degree of precision.

You can rely on the Pit Boss 700FB to cook succulent, delicious and irresistible meals with an authentic barbecue smoke flavor that everyone will love.

Pros and Cons of the Pit Boss 700FB

  • 8 different cooking modes
  • Plenty of cooking space
  • Porcelain-coated cast-iron grilling grates
  • Vast temperature range
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Ventilated system
  • Precise temperature control
  • Not the cheapest in its category
  • Assembly can take some time

Pit Boss 71820FB


The heavy-duty Pit Boss 71820FB scores well on all of its features. With its vast array of exceptional features, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

To begin with, this formidable grill boasts a spacious 820 square inch cooking area. This is more than enough to cook sufficient food in one round for a large family. The 240 square inch upper rack can be detached if you do not need it.

The spacious grill also has a high-capacity pellet hopper to match. You can load 40 pounds of wood pellets into the roomy pellet hopper and let the grill function uninterruptedly for long periods of time. You can smoke the food reliably over low temperatures and long time periods for a fantastic smoke-flavored meal.

With high quality double-walled insulation, you can rest assured that you are getting the full value of your wooden pellets.

The grill’s igniter is reliable, in addition to being automatic, which means that it can fire up the grill within a few minutes. The igniter performs with a dependable consistency for a hassle-free cooking experience.   

Another striking aspect of the Pit Boss 71820FB is the programmable digital controller. This high-tech device allows you to set the temperature easily. The intuitive interface is user-friendly and offers a high level of control over grilling. You just need to turn the dial to set the temperature from 180 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, according to your cooking needs. The LED display reads out the temperature of the grilling region.

The grill is made from powder-coated, heavy gauge steel to ensure durability, structural strength and long service life. The Pit Boss 71820FB has decent construction features for both functionality and aesthetic appeal. The parts and their dimensions have been engineered to allow even temperature distribution for consistent cooking quality. With such high quality construction and finishing, the grill has been built to last.

Since the pellet grill is fueled exclusively by wood pellets, it also has an accurate temperature control mechanism, which can be set precisely at lower temperatures to generate abundant amounts of smoke. The fan-driven forced convection system is instrumental for uniform heat distribution and consistent cooking results. With these features, you can impart a rich smoky flavor to your food, which your guests will enjoy to the fullest.

You can perform all kinds of cooking techniques on this versatile pellet grill like baking, searing, braising, smoking, roasting and grilling.

The flame broiler is a standard feature of the Pit Boss 71820FB. This useful option allows you to add another cooking method for grilling restaurant-level meals. Thanks to the flame broiler, you can cook your ingredients directly over flames for direct heat input.

You can create a rich, crispy, seared exterior to get a wonderful flavor and texture. You can sear at high temperatures for a well-done crispy exterior and a moist and rare juicy interior.

Pros and Cons of Pit Boss 71820FB

  • Big capacity for large meals
  • Porcelain-coated grates
  • Easy to use digital control panel
  • Precise temperature control
  • High capacity hopper
  • Double-walled insulation
  • Heavy grill means low portability

Pit Boss 72700S


The Pit Boss 72700S has several features worth considering. One of its core strengths is the 8-in-one feature that lets you do much more than just grilling. You can benefit from additional cooking styles, such as baking, searing, smoking, braising, char-grill, barbecuing and roasting.

Since you have to go through only 3 steps to get this grill going, it is a user-friendly device. You just have to load the pellets, set the desired temperature and keep the ingredients in the cooking space. The grill can then take over, so you do not have to do anything except wait for a delicious and tantalizing meal. This is just what you need for a relaxing grilling session. The grill minimizes effort on your part so that you can do what you enjoy rather than just monitor the machine.

With 700 square inches of cooking surface area, there is enough room to sear 24 burgers in one go. This is more than enough to feed a large family as well as a huge gatherings, picnic or party.

You can vary the temperature between 180 and 500 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on your cooking style. Just set the temperature using the dial. The thermal control mechanism will maintain the grill within a tight temperature range, so that there is not too much variation. Since the grill allows lower temperatures and maintains tight temperature control, you can grill delicate items like seafood and vegetables without fear of burning them. With the digital control board, you can configure the time duration of cooking as well as other settings to grill the perfect dish.

Since this machine is versatile, you can grill directly or indirectly. Employing the indirect cooking method is easy since it is a purpose-built for smoking and roasting with wood pellets. For direct cooking over an open flame, all you need to do is to slide out the metal plate over the open flame so that it can sear and roast your food on high heat just as you desire. This is a great cooking option since you may want to vary your grilling style and flavor from time to time.

The cooking grid is coated with porcelain for rust proofing. This surface finishing makes the grid easy to clean and offers a high visual appeal.

Pros and Cons of Pit Boss 72700S

  • Broad temperature range
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Flame broiler option allows direct cooking in the pellet smoker
  • Vast cooking area
  • Durable construction
  • Porcelain-coated iron grid
  • Highly versatile and user-friendly
  • Assembly process requires time and effort

Pit Boss 5 Series Vertical Pellet Smoker


The innovative Pit Boss 5 Series Vertical Pellet Smoker is radically different from the conventional horizontal pellet grills that you normally see in the market. Thanks to smart engineering design, the Pit Boss 5 Series Vertical Pellet Smoker grill can cook more food despite a smaller footprint. This reduced area is of great importance if you need to fit a compact grill into a small patio space.

This pellet smoker delivers great results on all fronts. The food has a delicious flavor, the grill itself is very easy to use and cleanup is quick and convenient.

It also produces the right amount of smoke that is just enough for your food rather than spewing large volumes of fumes, which is wasteful.

In just a few simple steps, you can start your grilling session without the need to intervene during the course of cooking. You just have to load the hopper with pellets, turn the dial to the required temperature, keep the food in place and the grill is ready to go. The igniter is reliable and lights up the pellets to get your grill started in just a few moments.

You will love the compact design of the grill. Despite covering only a small amount of space, the Pit Boss 5 Series Vertical Pellet Smoker has an unrivalled 1,659 square inches of cooking space and 40-pound hopper capacity. The rack layout is adjustable, which is the primary benefit of vertical smokers.

So if you want to grill a turkey, you can increase the gap between grates and if you are grilling ribs, you can likewise reduce the gap between the grates due to two closely packed lines of holes that run along both sides of the grilling space. The cooking grates are coated in porcelain to offer protection against corrosion. With such high hopper capacity, you can smoke food low and slow for 24 hours without reloading the hopper during the entire duration.

The LED display shows the internal temperature of the grill as well as the meat probe temperature. The temperature control knob is located towards the right of the display. You can turn the dial to set the temperature anywhere between 150 and 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The interface is very simple to use and the temperature control permits limited swings in temperature.

The build quality of the Pit Boss 5 Series Vertical Pellet Smoker is also exceptional. Thick gauge steel is used for durability, strength and rigidity. Thanks to high quality construction and smooth surface finishing, the grill can serve you well for a long time to come.

Pit Boss 5 Series Vertical Pellet Smoker Pros and Cons

  • Small footprint
  • Enormous cooking surface area of 1,659 square inches
  • Adjustable rack height
  • Tight temperature control
  • Automatic pellet feed mechanism works well
  • Extra high 40-pound hopper capacity
  • The meat probe is delicate and needs to handled with care

Pit Boss Austin XL 1000


With the Pit Boss Austin XL 1000, you can ease yourself into relaxation mode while the appliance does the hard work for you without any intervention. You can spend more quality with family and friends rather than tending the grill.

With 1000 square inches of cooking space, this grill is just what you need for barbecue parties or feeding a large family. The pellet hopper also has an extra high 31-pound capacity. With a maximum heat output of 20,700 BTUs and fan driven forced convection system, you can cook up to 50 burgers at a uniform temperature.

Compared to the aforementioned models, the Pit Boss Austin XL 1000 has slightly less advanced features. However, this also makes it an affordable grilling device with excellent cooking quality. It also features automatic start and shutdown, which is crucial for automated grilling.

The gorgeous copper finish and durable construction make this a sturdy grill that can withstand harsh weather conditions. It has definitely been built to last. Its eye-catching design stands out thanks to high-temperature copper finishing that has been applied to certain components, such as the lid, side shelf hood, chimney and more.

Although the grill is a massive 180 pounds, you can still move it around over short distances without too much effort due to its 4 wheels.

The LED display and control unit is very easy to use. Anyone can learn to use the grill and start operating it without any difficulty. It is suitable for everyone, including beginners. Even novice backyard chefs can immediately start cooking delicious barbecue like ribeye steaks, juicy burgers, succulent hotdogs, whole turkeys and even seafood with the Pit Boss Austin XL 1000.

The grill’s pellet feed mechanism and temperature control system work together seamlessly so that there are small temperature swings. You can easily view the meat probe reading on the digital display as well as the interior temperature of the grilling space.

Along with smoking and grilling, you can cook in several different ways. You can bake, sear, sauté, char-grill, braise, barbecue and roast your food as well. The flame broiler is a standard feature of this grill. With it, you can sear food directly over an open flame.

After you load the pellet grill, you can start the grill with just the push of a button. The automatic igniter starts a flame to heat up the grill and make it ready in about 10 to 15 minutes.

Pros and Cons of the Pit Boss Austin XL 1000

  • Generous cooking space
  • Exquisitely aesthetic and durable copper construction
  • 8 cooking modes
  • Highly functional LED display and temperature control
  • Grill is mounted on four wheels for better portability
  • Weighs over 180 pounds

There you have it, our top 5 Pit Boss pellet grills! After finding out the features of all five grills, choose the one that best suits your requirements and lifestyle.

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